1. I’ve been feeling pretty antsy lately. Lost like the rest of us. So I hopped in the van for a couple days just to get out of town, let off some steam, party too hard and sleep on some floors. We went to Louisville and Indianapolis. I can say I’m pretty in love with Louisville now so it’s definitely on my list of best cities in America. Here are some images from the weekend. A huge thank you to Forest of Tygers for being my forever family and Black Tar Prophet for being super rad dudes.

  2. This if Greywoods. They are supppppppper awesome and they’re from here in Nashville. Acted like a teen with my flash spinning last night, it was too fun.

  3. It’s been a while ol’ photoblog. I fell out of love with you for a little while like I tend to do but a new crappy cheap flash has reignited my documentary flame. Last night was a fun show at a fun house. Here is a bunch of photos of Watcher. Thanks to the Other Booking for helping this town have great nights with great music.

  4. Boys

  5. We went canoeing today.
    It was great.
    The end.

    (iphone photos only this time)

  6. #shitstorm rules. #nashville (at Tower 2 Shows)

  7. A few quick edits from playing with M. last night.



    I am ONE follower away from having 800 on instagram. I don’t know why I’m even thinking about this, but, hey, it’s a wednesday. If you aren’t already and you want to see photos that I don’t put up on my blog then follow me. no Doy.


  9. Oh look, more Warped Tour. Shot for the Nashville Scene.

  10. Just a few photos from Warped Tour today here in Nashville. Not necessarily my cup of tea but I do love to LOOK at motionless in white, hahah. The rest of the photos will be up on the Nashville Cream tomorrow!
    - shot for the Nashville Scene.

  11. All the pieces to the first edition of my photo zine JUNE are here and ready to go! Pick one up this Sunday at @hailnashville at the Bizarre Bazaar. Will be posting a pre-order on my big cartel next week for all you non local folks. So chillllll. #tourlife #deafheaven #travelphotography #pallbearer #siqqq

  12. These girls ROCK. Documenting the Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp all week held at #mtsu. This is from earlier today. #sgrrc2014 @youth_empowerment #rockcamp #grrlpower

  13. THEY’RE HERE. First edition of the zine I’ll be selling at @hailnashville ‘s Bizarre Bazaar. Landscapes from the road. Just waiting on some loose prints of some great bands to add into the pages and they’re ready to go. Come see me the 27th and get this booklet of fun for $20! #nashville #photobook #travelphotography #tourlife

  14. Ash Borer

    Fully killer line up last Monday at the Rutledge. More please. Thanks.

  15. Goatwhore came to town again. It’s always good to see my old friend James and they’re always so fun to watch. Congrats on the new album coming out yesterday, to many more years.